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Personal News: Elisabeth is the new Director Content & Innovation at Bruce B. | b.ReX

Updated: Aug 31

I’m taking up the role of Director Content and Innovation at the transdisciplinary agency "Bruce B.|b.ReX” for corporate communications & digital realities in Stuttgart. We’re merging artful corporate comms with emerging tech. Helping build the Metaverse.

I feel blessed for having been invited to join this crew of inspiring founders and creatives at the crossroads of arts, tech, storytelling and brands - creative, customer-centred, collaborative.

We share the passion for smart interdisciplinary solutions designed to benefit people and brands. We are into fact-based foresight to blend new technologies with solid knowledge and take enthusiastically part in shaping our society in good ways with emerging technologies.

Looking forward to all what we’ll build together.

If you’re interested in the state-of-the-art virtual event space and showroom “MUNIS.DIGITAL” by Bruce B.|b.ReX for seamless and hands-on meetings, events and shopping experiences come on in here: https://munis.digital/ - and put the audio on!

This 3D space can be easily personalised for you and is accessible via desktop and mobile.