Integrated Comms Solutions


Marketing, PR, Newsrooms, Employer Branding,
B2B and Customer Service

We tailor complete solutions for digital-only mobile-first platforms as well as for convergent platforms integrating mobile, social, web, audio, print, broadcast TV.

We upskill your multimedia storytelling game across platforms with our holistic approach and tested "integrated communications workflows" and immersive story products.

We help you develop and implement a sustainable community and engagement strategy.


We use innovation methods based on design thinking, change management, quantitative trends and the 6Cs of experiential learning.

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Learn with us how to make your stories travel. We provide you with a new understanding of story anatomy around these four categories: User need - Story speed - Story depth - User control and how to tell your stories cost-effective with the use of emerging technology seamlessly resonating with your audience. 

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Complete Storytelling Solutions

for Mobile Audiences

Educators and Librarians ask us for campus licences.

  • Develop and test-run new story products designed for your newsroom, comms team, community.

  • Create multimedia stories with smartphone, designed for Insta, Youtube, Facebook, Messenger Apps, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and emerging platforms.

  • Produce quality stories with and for 360/VR, AR, bots, drones, voice-devices with smartphone and/or desktop-based.

  • Visualize data stories and produce interactive data stories without coding skills. 

  • Research, verify, develop and distribute fact-based multimedia long-form stories across plat-forms with smartphone and/or desktop-based.

  • Report in real-time and live across platforms with smart devices, and verify content and sources on social.

  • Make your professional social profile and brand stand out.

  • Grow with our help your global network of young professionals in journalism and communications. 

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