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Bangkok storytelling on the fly: 60-years anniversary Goethe-Institut in Thailand 2020

Liz talked to Joerg Klinner who heads the language department at the Goethe-Institut Bangkok and he and his colleagues also embrace emerging technology for learning and communication. They had a lively video chat and Liz experimented on the fly with a combination of vertical video on my iPhoneXS and 360-degree video on my Insta One. It‘s wild at the start and she had too little time to level the audio and put captions on. But it‘s good and amazing what the quality of inbuilt tools and a bit of professional editing can do.

We really do love the direct and intimate style of Now Age Storytelling with our tiny smart mobile devices giving us so much creative freedom and options to learn together anytime and anywhere. It‘s great to listen to Joerg, be inspired by his enthusiasm!


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