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Collaborating on the people's level - the story of Elisabeth winning the Gisela Bonn Award 2020

February 11, 2022 marks a special day for Elisabeth:

She received the Gisela Bonn Award 2020 as part of the Republic Day of India celebrations in Stuttgart. After the pandemic delayed the celebration by more than a year, this event was all the more wonderful, thanks to the committed organisers in Stuttgart, Berlin and New Delhi who made this celebration possible. Especially the Lapp Company and the Indian Honorary Consulate Stuttgart, the Indian Ambassador to Germany and the German-Indian-Association (DIG).

Elisabeth writes: I absolutely enjoyed once again the wonderful opportunity to experience the vibrant Indo-German community in Germany and Baden-Wuerttemberg, and particularly in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. It was my great honour and delight to receive the Gisela Bonn Award as part of the Republic Day of India celebrations, as usual perfectly hosted by Mr. Lapp and his team at the Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart - one of the most important commemoration days of our Indian partners.

As my inspiring laudator Petra Kohnen, herself an excellent foreign correspondent of many years and managing director of "TopTalente" fostering the educational growth of German film and media professionals, precisely described:

I am determined "to help real people" learn how to gather knowledge which helps them to make sense of the events in their lives and the development of our society and to empower them with new skills that will help them succeed professionally on a global market.

Or as the Indian Ambassador to Germany, Parvathaneni Harish, rightly pointed out: The signature of my work is "to collaborate on the people's level" and build international networks and knowledge transfer at grassroots level.

So, yes, I’m grateful and very happy that my work is being widely recognised and I’m looking forward to build on in the coming years together with the active colleagues and youth in my network - without whom I couldn't have achieved anything on my own.

The award is given by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi (ICCR) and the German-Indian Association (DIG) in the name of Gisela Bonn (1909-1996). She was a writer and journalist who, among other things, edited the magazine INDO-ASIA for many years.

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