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Celebrating the new Dr. Hermann Gundert multimedia Study Centre and Museum in Thalassery, Kerala

Elisabeth couldn’t be happier to have been able to help to building the Dr. Hermann Gundert Study Centre and Museum in Thalassery. Nothing less than the heart piece of the new Heritage Circuit in Kannur.

This cross-border achievement was only possible together with the support of the Kerala government and namely of Hon. Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas and the whole team of the Kerala Tourism Department, with previous Director Balakiran IAS and present Director Krishna Theja IAS.

Special thanks to Mr. Rajeev Kariyil and Mr. Shijin Parambath, and last, not least, to my inspiring colleague and instigator Professor Devadas Rajaram as well as to the logistics company Schenker who made the process as easy as cookie baking.

We all work together on the people’s level and for the people and we're grateful that we were able to realise the library shipment before the pandemic hit. It was a short time window for an extraordinary opportunity - as often in history - and likely we couldn’t have done it today.

Wishing the festive community a splendid opening and wonderful new beginning. Elisabeth can‘t wait to experience the new multimedia center and her old library in a new space for herself.


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