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Micro-portrait story for Instagram and TikTok. My "Content Queens" use-case

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Recently I was invited to join the global Content Queens network as a mentor and creator. The network's mission is to connect women professionals of all content disciplines - from texting to strategy. "Content Queens" works like a content hub, making it easy for clients and partners to find top experts for specific content tasks or form teams of diverse skills and different roles for complete content projects. Founder Christine van Tuebbergen, an eCommerce specialist, manages the Content Queens together with her two co-founders Eva Holden, an HR expert, and Mira Melanie Fischer, an artist and event manager.

Christine, Melanie and I decided to develop intro-videos of each "Content Queen", suitable for both Instagram Feed and the Website. I planned to create a template which would be easy to follow through by each Content Queen solely during Corona and independent of prior video experience. While storyboarding, framing and producing my intro-video as a template I experimented with role-plays and a variety of 3D-effects. Role-plays are currently also popular among creators on social media, namely on TikTok, and I find some versions witty and artful.

Consequently I produced two different video versions, one for Instagram Feed | Website and one for TikTok. The resulting videos make for interesting examples how to quickly tailor a micro-story for two different platforms.

This is the Instagram style version: