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🥇Transmediapreis 2022 - at the Munich Film Festival

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Dr. Marie Elisabeth Mueller together with her six creator colleagues was awarded the Transmediapreis 2022 at the Munich Film Festival - for their Crossmedia Writers' Room project "KURT"

Elisabeth explains: " We were awarded 1st place at the Transmediapreis - poof, there we were standing in front of a logo wall, six of in total seven fantastic creative colleagues.

In the last few years, our world has changed tremendously, as if with the blink of an eye. People all over the world share this experience. Our cross-media writers' room "KURT" deals with this matrix. We are working together on a material that is strongly visual and at the same time like a chamber play, dealing with transgenerational experiences, and with how people can keep the reins of action and an ethical compass in their hands despite war and great uncertainty about what will happen next.

We tell the main story in a web series, complemented by a radio play that deals with characters that complement the web series. In addition, we are developing an interactive serious game and a journalistic podcast on trauma. We accompany the "making of" the whole project from the beginning with a multimedia blog and also Instagram content.

Follow us on Instagram @kurt_writersroom - and let us know what topics or questions you’d like to dive into.

We're super excited. The Transmediapreis 2022 is an award, encouragement and incentive for us in equal measure. We thank the jury and the TELLUX-GRUPPE, and also say thank you to the Munich Film Festival, Tellux and TOP:Talente e.V. for the inspiring and graceful ceremony."

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