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Why is "purpose" the superpower for storytellers?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

“Whoa”, I displayed an old picture of me as a toddler, taken by my father with his beloved and in fact precious Leica M, a camera well known for its intuitive and fancy design. I introduced this picture today while talking to Tinanjali Dutta about the role of “purpose” for storytellers. The picture helped me to highlight that you can always start a conversational story in social media by telling something relevant and true about yourself. Because people love to listen to other people’s stories. Give a face to facts, humanise data and tell personal stories. The empathetic layers translate stories into a feeling of connectivity and meaning. Stories exist in our individual and collective memories and trigger lasting emotional images and feelings. Often people will forget the concrete plot or facts, but they remember how a story or how someone makes them feel.

If that sounds interesting to you, tune in to learn how my family’s bonds to the print industry triggered my fascination and live-long journey into exploring the use of emerging technology for purposeful storytelling - and how the digital multi-platform ecosystem has changed storytelling.


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