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Writers, editors, producers - explore how to use generative AI as a sparring partner & co-creator

Elisabeth together with TOP:Talente - Academy for FIlm and TV dramaturgy - in 2023 conducts a series of remote generative AI Masterclasses as well as a hybrid writers room. We’re going to experiment with new tools and workflows and produce genuine formats. Therefore we apply a mix of methods including generative AI.

Working language is English (and German).

For many years, almost the entire world population has been using smart devices, such as smart phones and smart watches. Whether you want to admit it or not, they are all packed with AI sensors, processors and ML-based real-time applications. Without the generative AI in video editors and platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, creating high-quality content with smartphones would not be possible for everyone as it is.

Just like many other devices and applications, such as fitness programs, kitchen appliances, parking guidance systems, translations in multiple languages in real-time and much much more, which many use without much thought. But only recently, triggered by ChatGPT, there is this hype that discusses AI with the narrow focus on ChatBots.

Since Open AI made ChatGPT-3 publicly available in January 2023, other major companies followed suit with their Generative Search and ChatBots or are doing so soon. Nonetheless, we are still at an early stage with generative chatbots. The bots make many mistakes, some of them massive, which are now being reported in increasing depth.

So we understand if creatives and writers are defensive about generative AI, and don't want to compare or even share their work processes with an AI. But it doesn't hurt, we think, to use generative AI as a playground even right now in its early stages, and to better understand its useful aspects.

After all, AI methods are here to stay, as a quick look at IBM's "Global AI Adoption Index" alone shows. Numerous companies around the world are already successfully using AI-based sensors, data analytics and processes, such as for their sustainability strategy, marketing emails, message-based texts, project documentation and much more.

So, it's advisable and sensible to get involved with this now and not wait to find out how bots and AI tools can successfully and responsibly benefit you for your own goals without doing harm.

We assume, for communicators, editors, marketers, creatives, writers and producers, it's helpful to define "quantifiable tasks" that AI systems perform faster and more effectively, Still you are going to double-check, edit, further process or prepare before publishing.

Tasks such as data selection, everyday storytelling, utility texts, and preliminary work such as brainstorming, and many more.


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