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Social Storytelling Masterclass - Make your stories travel

Make your stories travel - along all relevant touch points of the customer journey

With skillful social storytelling, anyone with professional goals can elegantly enter the space of online communication that leads to encounters, interactions and to many other media as well as offline interfaces.

Even people who feel overwhelmed or annoyed by social media find access to social media with the help of meaningful stories and unpolished informative content.

And why? Because this is where worldwide most people, your customers and partners are active. Where everyone can informally engage with people they want to talk to, be visible to, learn from or do business with.

In our recent TOP:Talente e.V. Masterclass we unlocked the potential of social media for individual writers and journalists.

Their testimonials inspire and encourage us in our work. Listen for yourself what journalists and creative writers say after experiencing a "Social Storytelling" Masterclass.


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