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5 key insights on social media storytelling

We wrote our book "Social Media Storytelling" because we wish to share an important part of our practice-relevant knowledge in it.

Deliberately in a team of authors from Germany and India, together with highly experienced experts from the film and creator industry. We are proud of the positive feedback that our book is understandable and useful for everyone who wants to deal with social media strategy, storytelling and content production - no matter if with prior knowledge or without prior knowledge.

In "Social Media Storytelling" we work on the basis of five insights that should be essential for communicators and storytellers in companies, in organizations, newsrooms and for university lecturers:

1- Interactive multimedia content and video-first strategy make all relevant communications content connectable to today's visual immersive user expectations and habits.

2- Social media is the lounge for all further communicative relationship building - especially for HR, community building, corporate influencer branding and calls-to-action.

Social media content equals engaging multimedia content. But, pay attention: Storytelling in social media works very differently than in traditional media and long formats. A new skillset that needs to be learned.

3- Social media platforms are used by users worldwide primarily as search engines.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to be found with social stories - no matter how big or small, no matter if B2B or B2C etc.

So, make sure you do both: get found on the relevant platforms, and maintain your own independent platforms with your content, with your products and services where you guide interested users to.

4- Mirror the customer journey across all touch points relevant to you with the content and story journey, and develop in-house expertise to understand and create different story points and tonality for different touch points, platforms and formats relevant to you.

5- No media format dies, media are systemically transformed.

With an integrated content strategy, you succeed in effectively deploying resources and optimally leveraging all content across multiple channels and on a longer timeline.

You start building relationships with multimedia communications - at the same time, all media take on an important function, including text, of course.

Happy to answer any questions: email or chat with us, and good luck with your integrated content strategy!

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